Chris Diamond


Christopher L. Diamond

Lecturer in Hindi
MA Asian Languages & Literature, PhD Asian Languages & Literature (Washington) BA (Honours) (School of Oriental and African Studies)
The Australian National University
School of Culture, History and Language

Christopher's current project concerns the literary legacy of a medieval multi-lingual poet from the North Indian region of Mithila, Vidyapati (c. 1370-1450). His, at the time, new vernacular language of song and poetry became a standardized classical style across Nepal, the Eastern Gangetic Plains, Bengal, and further afield. Christopher is currently working on a new edition and translation of some of the oldest manuscript that contain this poet's songs and a critical analysis of the ways kings and brahmins in Nepal and Bihar employed them to project their own power and prestige. Christopher is also interested in devotional (bhakti) literature in North and East India more generally. Projects on the eastern Indian renditions of Epic and Puranic literature are on the horizon (e.g., Kashi Das and Sarala Das' Mahabharatas, etc.). Christopher has lived and conducted research in India, off-and-on, for the past 10 years. He has traveled all over the subcontinent, but finds himself regularly in West Bengal, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh (North & East India). Christopher works with texts, traditions, and culture in Hindi (including Braj Bhasa and Avadhi), Urdu, Bengali, Maithili, Sanskrit, Persian, and Apabhramsa.

Expertise Area(s)

Asian Cultural Studies
Indian Languages
Indian Literature

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