At The Australian National University, we take pride in offering a wide range of courses, majors, minors, and degrees that delve deeply into the diverse cultures, history, and languages of South Asia. Our programs are designed to provide students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) with an in-depth understanding of the region and its connection to the world.  

    South Asia-related Degree Programs

    While students of any discipline and concentration at the ANU can engage with South Asian Studies and the experts in the field available here, the following degrees allow students to focus on the study of South Asian Studies and South Asian languages in-depth.

    Undergraduate Degrees 

    Postgraduate Degrees 

    Higher Degree by Research (HDR) 

    South Asia Majors & Minors

    Our South Asian Studies and South Asian language majors and minors can fit flexibly into a variety of degrees at ANU. 



    South Asian Studies Courses

    The South Asian Studies courses taught at ANU cover South Asian history, religion, society, politics, language, art, and literature in depth. Our interdisciplinary course offering provides expertise in the region’s cultural, historical, and political contexts. Our faculty of South Asia experts ensures that students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of South Asia’s rich heritage and contemporary landscape. 

    The School of Culture, History, & Language (CHL) at ANU offers the most diverse and in-depth programs in South Asian languages in the Southern Hemisphere. Studying one or more South Asian language equips students and scholars to understand the deep and interconnected history of the region and some of the most widely spoken languages in world. Undergraduate and postgraduate students can access these courses as part of their ANU degree in a variety of ways. Students from other Australian universities can enrol through cross-institutional enrolment. Scholars, professionals, and others can enrol in any of our language courses through Open Universities Australia (OUA) from anywhere in the world. 

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