India Update 2021: Belonging and Mobility

Gigi Scaria, The Ark, 2015. Still from video (duration: 3min 36sec.; single channel with sound). Courtesy of the artist.

How does an understanding of the changes and challenges facing India in 2020 inform and inflect conversations internationally?

The 2021 India Update explored questions of belonging and mobility in a year marked by debates over redefinitions of citizenship and belonging, global health crises, and new forms of mobility and immobility that are reshaping India and its region.

Hosted by The Australian National University (ANU) South Asia Research Institute, the 2021 India Update was delivered through a series of videos released weekly from 15 February and bringing together diverse disciplinary perspectives to shed light on how these sites of crisis intersect with broader political, social, and cultural dynamics.

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15 February 2021

India Update 2021: Mobility and Belonging 

Welcome to the Update  
Acknowledgement of Country  
Meera Ashar and Shameem Black  

Belonging and Mobility in India: An Overview  
Convener and Moderator: Aditya Balasubramanian 
Participants: Aditya Balasubramanian (ANU), Azad Singh Bali (ANU), Stephanie Majcher (ANU)     

Politics at Home and Abroad  
Convener: Andy Kennedy  
Speakers: Anuradha Sajjanhar (ANU), Farrah Ahmed (University of Melbourne), Manjeet Pardesi (Victoria University of Wellington), Rohan Mukherjee (Yale-NUS)      

22 February 2021

Health, Wellbeing, and Identity  
Convener: Shameem Black  
Speakers: Assa Doron (ANU), Azad Singh Bali (ANU), Ira Raja (University of Delhi), Shameem Black (ANU)  

1 March 2021

Voices from the Margins 
Convener: Peter Friedlander  
Speakers: McComas Taylor (ANU), Peter Friedlander (ANU), Stephanie Majcher (ANU), Chris Diamond (ANU)   

8 March 2021

We the People? Historical Perspectives on Belonging, Mobility and Public Participation
Conveners: Meera Ashar and Aditya Balasubramanian  
Speakers: Aditya Balasubramanian (ANU), Meera Ashar (ANU), Muhammad Kavesh (ANU)   

17 March 2021

Making ‘New India’: Resistance to Majoritarian Politics and the Afterlives of Protests    
Convener: Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt  
Speakers: Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt (ANU), Malini Sur (University of Western Sydney), Rohan D’ Souza (Kyoto University), Arnab Roy Chowdhury (Higher School of Economics), Sita Venkateswar (Massey University) 

17 March 2021

Film Screening 
Spirit (2019), dir. Jane Dyson and Ross Harrison (19 minutes)  
Speakers: Jane Dyson (University of Melbourne), director’s introduction followed by film screening 

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